Zit je nog met een vraag over de bouw of wonen in een tinyhouse?
Hieronder kan je alvast de meest voorkomende vragen vinden met hun antwoord. indien uw vraag nog onbeantwoord blijft kan je ons steeds vrijblijvend contacteren of een afspraak maken.


What are the dimensions?

The dimensions of our fast traffic trailers vary from 5.40m to 8.40m in length. The cottages on the trailers have an inner width of 2.20m and an outer width of 2.50m. But we also work with a tailor builder, so that we can produce trailers up to 10.00 m and a maximum inner width of 3.30 m and an outer width of 3.50 m.

Where can I place a tiny house?

Basically, a tiny house on wheels is a mobile entity. Depending on the type of trailer, you can even register and insure it as a vehicle. You do not need a permit to park a vehicle or mobile entity. However, if the tiny house is never moved and it is connected to the water and electricity grid, its mobile character can be questioned. We therefore recommend that you inquire with the urban planning department of the municipality in question what the options are in your specific case: Local regulations of the municipality, purpose of the house (care home, site shed, recreation, ...), term, type land (building land, recreational land, agricultural land, nature reserve, ...) Because there are so many variables, there is unfortunately no unambiguous answer and fixed step-by-step plan.

What about homologation & inspections?

Do you want to be able to move your tiny house on a fast traffic trailer yourself? Then there are a lot of formalities involved (inspection, annual re-inspection, insurance, registration, ...) and obtaining a COP (Confomity Of Product) if the house is not removable. In order to avoid these formalities and costs, customers usually choose to have their house detachable or have it done by a specialized transport company. the associated price is approximately €50.00 fixed costs + €55.00/h (prices excluding VAT).

Is direct debit possible in a Tiny House?

In Flanders you can reside in a house if it complies with the Flemish housing code and the local regulations of the municipality. in practice it is not self-evident to build a tiny house that complies with those regulations. Mainly the minimum required living space that governments prescribe. Is in the way. Flanders imposes 18m² for one person. That number increases as the number of residents increases. although that seems feasible. there are still a lot of requirements that surfaces must meet in order to be recognized as habitable (height must be at least 2.20 m, space must be at least 4 m²...) A bedroom, bathroom and space under the bedroom will therefore soon be considered ' be labeled uninhabitable. In addition, municipalities are also authorized to tighten Flemish legislation, but not to relax it. in practice you will soon notice that minimum living areas will be 50m² and not the 18m² imposed by Flanders. We therefore recommend that you inquire with the municipality in question about the options and local regulations.

What connections do I need

You can connect your Tiny house to the mains (eg extension cable for electricity, buried or insulated pipe for water). it is also possible to live completely self-sufficient. therefore take into account a significant additional cost.

Can a Tiny house also be built off grid?

Yes, technically that is feasible. Count on an additional cost of +-€10,000.00 if you choose to work with quality materials. Also keep in mind that you then depend on the weather elements and, for example, have no water if it has not rained for a long time.

Are there any vacancies at Arbdomo?

We currently have no open staff vacancies.

What is the delivery time of a Tiny house?

The delivery time depends on various factors: Complexity of the project, number of other planned projects at the time of ordering, ... Usually there are 1 to 2 months between the start of construction and delivery.

How much does a tiny house cost?

The price depends on several factors: complexity, size, chosen materials,... More explanation can be found here

How is my tiny house best insured?

Can I pay by installment or lease?

Paying by installment is not yet possible with us. We work with a small amount that is paid for the design and an advance for the start of construction. The final amount is then paid upon delivery.